Product design
UX Lifecycle

Archway is a cutting-edge platform that bridges the traditional finance sector with the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency, offering a seamless fiat-to-crypto transition that emphasizes security, accessibility, and streamlined user experience. It facilitates businesses in paying invoices through familiar methods while contractors receive funds in crypto, simplifying the financial exchange.

At Stak, we believe the key to wider cryptocurrency adoption lies in such easy-to-use fiat-to-crypto bridge technologies, and we are committed to making a significant impact in this area.

In a year, we rapidly shaped Archway into a user-friendly fiat-to-crypto platform.

Our agile approach refined the product through hands-on user feedback and continuous UX research, aligning every step with our roadmap in collaboration with the development team.

Effective branding merges distinct visuals with a resonant message, creating a memorable identity that connects with the audience emotionally and sets the tone for customer experience.

Within a single year, our efforts spanned multiple website iterations, completing a full UX/UI cycle for the application, and crafting a cohesive branding and illustrations package.

Beyond visuals, our scope included developing email communication strategies and a plethora of other elements to ensure a comprehensive and engaging user experience.