Special project for Dfinity


The Internet Computer is a seamless shared universe for reimagined software that’s secure and unstoppable, that can power a new generation of enterprise systems and internet services. It’s created by independent data centers running the ICP protocol.

Together with the Dfinity team we made a special project about the evolution of the internet to show how it appeared, what challenges it faced and how the new technology could help people overcome new challenges. As a result we’ve come up with an interactive page where you can live the evolution step by step and notice its every move.

Apart from the evolution, we’ve also participated in the whole website redesign which has been continuously updated and improved since then by the Dfinity in-house team.


The interactive page screencast

Imagine a world where developers just write code onto the internet

The Internet Computer is a complete replacement of the $3.9T legacy IT-stack an “alternative” to proprietary infrastructure owned by Big Tech, and allowing developers to create an open and free internet

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at Dfinity

The Internet Computer is secure and unstoppable, and built for websites, enterprise systems, smart contracts, DeFi systems, and a new breed of open internet services that runs as part of the fabric of the Internet itself.